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I discovered a three-leaf clover with a diamond dewdrop resting on its surface, magnifying the webs of intricate cell work and reflecting tiny spectrums of color. I think I was in first grade and nonetheless remember trying desperately to save it. It had to be captured; it had to be preserved. Miraculously, it had the heat of the desert sun long enough to be treasured and recognized as "a thing of beauty." Its' life was tragically brief and beautiful. As my inspection of the world gained perspective I began to realize that reproducing nature, copying nature's sublime beauty was an impossibly futile effort. Nature has the remarkable ability to change each season, each day, each moment.

The works have developed from a penchant to explore the strangely paradoxical, symbiotic relationship between man and nature. This is reflected in the simultaneous uniting and fracturing of compositional elements. Color is the primary character in my prints, oil paintings and watercolors, leading me to explore the fractal possibilities found in nature.

When we look at a work of art, we see only ourselves; whatever we feel, whatever we believe is what we see before us.

My intention is not only to create "a thing of beauty, but a sensation, a recollection, a different perception, but a glimpse inside ourselves and souls."


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